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American born stage, film, television, and voice actress Ali Hillis is known for the dark comedy classic KISS KISS BANG BANG with Robert Downey jr., and TV’s GREY’S ANATOMY, 911, CHICAGO MED, NCIS, etc. Ali also brings life and authenticity to iconic animation and video game characters like Dr. Liara T’Soni in MASS EFFECT, Lighting in FINAL FANTASY, Karin in NARUTO, and Nina in NETFLIX critically acclaimed series EXCEPTION among others.

Ali Hillis was born in Huntington Beach, California where the US Navy had stationed her father. They soon moved back home to the Midwest, and landed in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, where Ali first fell in love with performing. After starring on stage as Annie in the musical ANNIE, performing fearlessly to audiences of 800+ at just 11 years old, Ali knew what she wanted to do.

Not long after yet another move, this time to Charlotte, NC with her journalist turned psychologist dad and art teacher mom, Ali earned her Actor’s Equity card at the age of 14 playing Chava in an east coast production of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF.

She went on to win full scholarships at multiple universities and, after majoring in vocal music/opera for a year, she made the decision to change her focus to acting, setting her sights on New York City, and studying under Sanford Meisner teaching protégé, Don Beihn. Ali gave herself 10 days in the big apple to find a roommate, an apartment, a job, and an agent, and with drive, determination, and a little southern charm, she did it.

She immediately began auditioning and booking leads in indie films and off Broadway musicals. Just over a year after arriving in New York City, Ali booked a guest starring role on law and order, and thus began the next chapter of her acting career on-screen with one more move back to Los Angeles.

Shortly after landing in LA and signing with her first LA agent, Ali was able to quit waiting tables when after a few good auditions, JJ Abrams wrote her into his hit show, FELICITY, which jump started her TV career. Ali then landed her first lead in a comedy pilot for FOX, starring opposite Breckin Meyer. And not long after, came stand out roles in the cult favorite film KISS KISS BANG BANG, as Robert Downey, Jr.’s tweaky tryst, and as Diane Lane’s wisecracking little sister, in MUST LOVE DOGS, which was coincidentally the same year that Ali’s passion for rescuing dogs began to blossom.

Ali has booked an incredible variety of stage, television, and film roles throughout her career, but couldn’t have imagined the acting experiences that were waiting for her in the world of voiceover. You may have recognized Ali’s voice in ad campaigns, including Wells Fargo, Brita water, Subway, ford and more, but no one could have prepared her for the fun she was going to have behind the mic voicing iconic video game characters including Dr. Liara T’Soni in MASS EFFECT, Lightning in FINAL FANTASY, Scout Harding in DRAGON AGE, and in popular animated shows like like FAMILY GUY, REGULAR SHOW, NARUTO, and the NETFLIX critically, acclaimed, sci-fi hit EXCEPTION, along with so many others that took her to worlds and galaxies she never dreamed she’d visit.

And through it all, Ali and her restaurateur/hedge fund husband, Matt Schwarz, have managed to save, foster, rehabilitate, and happily home more sweet and deserving dogs of all breeds, ages, and conditions than they can possibly count. Ali also serves as an ambassador for Lupus LA, working with longtime friend and lupus survivor Adam Selkowitz, helping to raise awareness and funds for research and development to one day find a cure for Lupus. But the role she has been most honored to play, the one she’s worked the hardest for, and is most proud of… the most supporting of supporting… the role of Mom. (2023)

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