Ali Hillis
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If you missed Ali's visit to NCIS in the episode "Fallout", you can see the entire scene with Mark Harmon and Sean Murray on her YouTune Channel


Season 15, episodes 20, 23, 24 and 25

Did you miss Ali's recurring story on Grey's Anatomy? If so you can catch up on Amazon Prime, On Demand or ABC Go

FIX ME (A Webseries)

Presented by ModernMom

Lloyd Stein wrote and directed “Fix Me” for the popular web series, ModernMom. In this mini-sitcom, Sydney, a stay-at-home mom, looks to “fix” problems in her life, but the solutions she comes up with only make things worse.Watch FIX ME episodes on Ali's YouTube Channel.


October 11,12 and 13
St. Augustine, Florida
St. Johns County Convention Center

Most celebrated in the Con World for voicing iconic roles like Lighting in the FINAL FANTASY franchise and Liara T’Soni in the MASS EFFECT trilogy, Ali Hillis also brings with her a growing crew of video game characters that keep fans coming back for more! She voices Karin in NARUTO, Palutena in KID ICARUS, Ruby in THE WALKING DEAD, Scout Harding in DRAGON AGE, Sophia in GEARS OF WAR, Samantha Cross in CALL OF DUTY, as well as memorable roles in SPIDER-MAN, RATCHET & CLANK, LEGO MARVEL’S AVENGERS, MAD MAX, FUSE, TALES OF XILLIA, ADERA, STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC, STARCRAFT II, & XENOSAGA, to name a few. You’ve also heard Ali in hit animated series’ including Karin in NARUTO, Pepper Potts in MARVEL DISC WARS: THE AVENGERS, Emma Frost in X-MEN, as well as lending her voice to fun roles in CLOSE ENOUGH, AMERICAN DAD, REGULAR SHOW, & FAMILY GUY, with more new shows in the works!

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